SanaĆ”-Marie Martin

NAWBO/EXCEL Young Entreprenuer

With a caring, generous and kind spirit, Sanaá-Marie Iris Martin exemplifies shining brilliance, which is the meaning of her first name. Since the age of six, she has been an activist and advocate, participating in political campaigns with her mother’s guidance and leadership. She is not the “typical teenager,” as she excels in multiple areas of creativity through her natural love of crafts as well as visual and culinary arts.

The native Detroiter is an honor roll student currently attending University Prep Art and Design high school. She is also a member of Triumph Church. Gifted with consummate abilities, she previously played soccer and was a varsity cheerleader.

Since 2013, Sanaá-Marie has been an active member of the Pretty Brown Girls club. This has led to her participation in STEM programs and camps from which she gained essential life skills. One of her goals is to meet Martha Stewart so they can cook and enjoy a gourmet dish together, like those shown on The Martha Stewart Show.

Inspired by her diverse experiences, along with the encouragement of her family and supporters, Sanaá-Marie launched her own business, in 2017. Sanaá-Marie LLC features apparel, cosmetics and home goods. All of the products are created by her and are a part of the Sanaá-Marie brand.




26677 West 12 Mile Rd., Southfield, MI 48034
Phone 313.961.4748