Membership Benefits

 An investment in a NAWBO membership provides a portfolio of benefits that propel business growth and fuel personal and professional development. Here are just a few of the benefits that a NAWBO membership offers:

NATIONAL & LOCAL MEMBERSHIP: A NAWBO membership offers women-owned businesses a national and local platform to tap into the power of an already established community of women entrepreneurs. At the national level, NAWBO touts a membership of more than 5,000 members and 60 chapters across the country; and at the local level, members are encouraged to engage actively with their local chapter to gain access to other women business owners, leadership development opportunities and community involvement.

COMERICA “POWER PERKS” PROGRAM: NAWBO members can receive a refund of their local chapter dues when they maintain a checking account with Comerica Bank.  View the information here. Complimentary Crain's Magazine for the NAWBO members who also have the banking relationship with Comerica Bank.

WEBSITE: NAWBO members have access to a dynamic online platform boht at national and local level that offers a multitude of tools and resources critical for navigating the everyday challenges of business ownership. Members are assigned a unique username and password upon joining— providing a powerful platform for building a national network, connecting them with peers and tapping into valuable resources to help grow their business. Members also have the opportunity to create a unique website for their business using the NAWBO Member Suites tool.

BUSINESS CERTIFICATION: NAWBO members are eligible for a $100 discount on the certification process to become a Certified WBENC through the CEED (Center for Empowerment and Economic Development) organization.

ONLINE MEMBER DIRECTORY: The online member directory enables members to update and manage their own profile and connects the entire membership base for business development and networking opportunities.

ANNUAL AWARDS: Through our Annual Awards Program, NAWBO gives recognition to the rising power of women business owners by commemorating the history of women’s entrepreneurial excellence and honoring the accomplishments and contributions of those who have led the way.

ADVOCACY & LEGISLATIVE ACTION CENTER: NAWBO represents a significant and united voice on issues that impact businesses daily. NAWBO’s online Legislative Action Center is designed to provide our members with the tools to learn about current legislation affecting women-owned businesses and a vehicle for exercising their political influence through action.

LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT: NAWBO provides an opportunity for members to hone their leadership skills at the local and national level. Our extensive network of volunteer leaders are critical to the success of NAWBO and contribute significantly to building a legacy for the next generation of women entrepreneurs.

ONLINE COMMUNITIES: The Online Communities is a social network platform designed to connect our members at the national level around a common interest area. Members have the opportunity to sign-up for various online communities to build an extended national network and work together on topics that make a difference in the women’s business community.

PARTNERSHIPS & ALLIANCES: NAWBO is an unparalleled resource for women entrepreneurs seeking to navigate the various stages of business growth. NAWBO attracts corporations and affiliate partners that offer a rich base of resources and expertise that can help propel women business owners to the next level of success. 

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