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Are you struggling with the responsibilities of an aging parent?  Is it starting to affect your time with your family?  Is it starting to affect your performance at work or with your business? 
You are invited to our FREE 1 Hour Live Masterclass!  
4 Critical Steps you Need to Accomplish Aging Goals for your Parents and Create More Time for Yourself  
Fiona Byrne Ryan, NAWBO member and owner of Property Solvers Unlimited has seen first hand the stress and uncertainties families face, and how this situation can steamroll out of control!  
We have created this Masterclass to help adult children find balance so you can OWN YOUR ROLE AND WIN TIME FOR YOU!  You can sign up for our FREE Masterclass here - FREE Live Masterclass on December 16th @ 6 PM 
To kick-off the Masterclass, we will be hosting a Live 3 Part Mini-Series that we will be streaming from our new Facebook group!
What you'll learn in this FREE 3 Part Mini-Series: 
Part 1 Friday, December 11th @ 3 PM
No.1 roadblock stopping you from making progress with your aging parents
  • Why this problem is causing you self-sabotage
  • A strategy to make progress with your parent's aging plan
  • The hidden tool you can use RIGHT NOW to overcome this hurdle
Link to event page - Part 1 
Part  2 Monday, December 14th @ 3 PM
Biggest opportunity you're missing in the challenge of caring for your parents
  • Why this opportunity exists
  • How mastering this opportunity will have a positive impact on other aspects of your life
  • 3 reasons to take advantage of this opportunity
Link to event page - Part 2
Part 3 Tuesday, December 15th @ 3 PM
Biggest planning mistake preventing you from achieving results
  • Why this mistake is preventing results
  • A strategy to overcome this mistake and achieve results
  • Tools for planning for success
Link to event page - Part 3
To watch our FREE Live Mini-Series, all you need to do is join our Facebook Group - High Performers Balancing Aging Parents

Tisha Hammond is returning to the stage in 2021. Come experience a full day of dynamic speakers who share their powerful stories at the Leadership Experience Tour. Shawn Fair is bringing the Leadership Experience Tour to Troy, MI. Our own Tisha Hammond, along with speakers from all over the United States and Canada are sure to motivate, inspire, educate and Wow you. If you have challenges in your personal, business or professional life in any way, you don't want miss this event. This event is both live and virtual; your front row seat awaits. The Leadership Experience Tour is taking place Saturday, April 10th, 2021 from 9:00am to 1:00pm at the Embassy Suites Located on 850 Tower Drove, Troy MI, 48098. Purchase tickets today

Taryn Sulkes, Eagle Specialties, LLC is a nominee for the MMSDC 2020 A.C.E Awards Class I Supplier of the Year and Marilyn Horn, Van Dyke Horn Public Relations MMSDC 2020 A.C.E Awards Class II Supplier of the Year.  More info at

Sue Voyles company Logos Communications of Canton, Michigan has been honored for excellence in the field of communications by the Association for Women in Communications (AWC) as a part of its esteemed 2020 Clarion Awards competition this year. Along with the honor, Logos also recently updated its current website. This is the ninth Clarion for Logos Communications, which won this year’s award for graphic design work on a new client’s logo. Designed for Word and Vision Consulting, Inc., the logo featured modern colors and a style that showcased the brand of the new company. 

For more than 40 years, the AWC Clarion Awards have recognized small business, large corporate, nonprofit, agency and government communication specialists internationally who demonstrate excellence in clear and concise communications. A virtual awards ceremony to honor the winners was held on Friday, Oct. 9. 




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